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A market leading brand with a guaranteed performance. Terraco is a leader in spray-applied surface preparation compounds. Used around the world for over 30 years, Terraco’s revolutionary Sprayplaster™ system provides customers with a host of long-term savings in comparison to traditional plastering techniques. 

Terraco Sprayplaster is one of the leading machine applied plasters in the world! A unique acrylic based filler for interior walls and ceilings. Sprayplaster is the solution for fast track projects where time and money are key.  Plaster FASTER! 

Terraco Sprayplaster™ can be used on all types of concrete surfaces, aerated light-weight concrete elements and blocks, sand cement render, fair-face concrete block walls, fair-faced and concrete block soffits and more. The system is suitable for both precast and conventional buildings and is easy to apply and does not require highly skilled labour for application. When used as a ceiling system it is traditionally applied as a skim coat not as a plaster.


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